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  • Cat owner has a flood in living room from squirting overly misbehaving cat.
  • Dog aboard Noah's ark is disappointed all his pee markings are being washed away by rain.
  • Shower blinds were a marketing failure because they caused floods in the bathroom.
  • God reprimands Noah for building cubicles on ark, not cubits.

  • Noah corners the market on zoos by keeping animals in the ark.
  • Street hockey is not popular in Venice because the streets are flooded.
  • Noah's Ark is unbalanced because the hippos and elephants are making it tilt.
  • After forty days and forty nights, Noah's arc is full of animal poop.
  • A swordfish is going to saw into Noah's Arc so he and another fish can eat the worms Noah is keeping inside.
  • Acts of God include natural disasters and a musical performance.

You searched for: flooding