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  • Firefighters put a whoopee cushion on their safety trampoline.
  • Husband with flaming grill asks about wiggle room for medium rare request.
  • While in bed, fireworks add sparks to their relationship.
  • To avoid germs on birthday cake, parents use remote control candles.
  • Lazy workers fool boss with sweat scented candles.
  • A combination menorah-dreidel product is dangerous marketing failure.
  • Lawyer advises the Human Torch to wear a t-shirt with a warning that he is hot.
  • Luke Skywalker mistakenly uses lightsaber under his chin while telling ghost stories.
  • Firefighters are too relaxed by smells when responding to fire at aromatherapy candle store.
  • Committee has second thoughts as giant candles on earth day cake spew smoke in air.
  • Gamer goes to extremes to prove he is the ultimate Guitar Hero winner as he rescues baby from fire.
  • Dragons flame knights online instead of with their fire breath.

You searched for: flames