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  • Salesman cat offers a fat cat a bigger size box but he doesn’t want one.
  • Dessert element discovered fits anywhere even when there is no more room.
  • In romantic movie, donut tells donut hold he completes her.

  • Toddler fitbit tracks tantrums and bites made.
  • The Island of Fit Toys spends all their free time exercising.
  • One half of a yin yang finds its other half on
  • A turtle dad borrows his son's shell to use as a bike helmet.
  • A magician can't do his trick right because his rabbit is too fat.
  • Cinderella asks Prince Charming if he wants to go shopping to see how many other shoes fit her.
  • Monsters go to the gym to stay small enough to fit under people's beds.

You searched for: fit