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You searched for: fine art

  • Collection of artisan turkeys inspired by different artists including Van Gogh, Picasso, Walhol, Dali, Rubens, Magritte, Kahlo, Duchamp and Pollock.
  • Shaved dog’s fur has been matted as artwork.
  • Choking man can’t get help from short armed tyrannosaurus or Venus De Milo.
  • Man in museum turns away to read a sign next to a fertility goddess statue and when he looks back it’s surrounded by baby figures.
  • Man in gallery feels that painting of mime speaks to him.
  • Mona Lisa artwork is turned into The Scream by watching TV newscast.
  • Dog is arrested after peeing on a fire hydrant art exhibition.
  • Mobile device poses for artists without cover.
  • Christo's cat stages his own installation with toilet paper strewn in the bathroom.
  • Cat in screen mimic Munch's The Scream.

  • Venus's scallop shell is anchored at berth.
  • Cat artist cannot capture red laser dot accurately in his paintings.

You searched for: fine art