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  • Selfish, greedy people download without paying sound like pirates.

  • Cat's behaviors of catching mouse are akin to technology and apps.

  • Dog exhibits tech behaviors, like following, emptying trash, searching, and deleting spam.

  • Swiss lobster has various tools for claws and legs.

  • As Jack climbs beanstalk, Giant complains that his stuff isn't safe in the cloud.
  • Cat versions of Twitter feeds, Dropbox, swiping, and finding hot spots.
  • Files stored in cloud storage rain down as binary code.
  • Man opens file cabinet to find living wills are living.
  • Gilbert's tax preparation software hits a pivotal moment when it asks how much jail time is he willing to serve.
  • File sharing compilations include mislabeled, with random blip noises, and to the beat of a judge's gavel.
  • Boy misses a documentary on illegal file sharing, so he downloads it off the internet.
  • A mother says her son could be a pirate for Halloween, when he is already a pirate on the computer.

You searched for: file