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  • Ninja warriors take a number to wait their turn to attack fighter defeating them one at a time.
  • Boxer breaks open speed bag containing candy like pinata.

  • A space cowboy's day finally comes when alien cows land on Earth.
  • Soldier cats try to shoot a laser pointer's dot, but they can't destroy it.
  • Sweatera tries to fend off holes inflicted by Mothra in brief battle.
  • Soldiers are dizzy coming out of rocking Trojan horse.
  • Grecian formula produces hair in shape of ancient warrior's helmet.
  • This little engine coulda been a contender, it coulda been somebody.
  • A losing boxer's shorts say "How's My Diving'" on them.
  • Rocky drinks Humpty Dumpty before rescue workers come to fix him.
  • Mike Tyson sees everyone's ears as types of food.
  • A wrestler's legs fall off during a half nelson.

You searched for: fighter