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  • Walking Dead not 100 Percent with missing Arm.
  • Tablet is anxious about doctor inserting charger into rear end.

  • Therapist reassures turkey that it is normal to feel cold in the middle.
  • A man goes to euphoria management because he's too happy.
  • A V of birds make a sky writing message change from "I love you a lot" to "I love you less than a lot"
  • The most romantic dog valentine ever says "I love you second to food."
  • The mad scientist has other emotions: annoyed, giddy, and confused.
  • A white wine sets the thermostat too cold for red wine.
  • Columbus has depression.
  • Well-adjusted willow has branches pointing upward rather than downward.
  • Somehow turkey knows that Tofurky doesn't compare to eating real turkey.

You searched for: feeling