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  • Sad man regrets buying negative room-darkening window shades for room.
  • Rodent therapist asks squished mouse stuck in snap trap if it feels trapped emotionally.
  • Disappointed family sees fireworks cancelled on computer website but cat and dog dance for joy.
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in podium climbing competition feel differently about winning.
  • Startled cat tells other cat it senses a disturbance in the force as owners come home with new puppy.
  • Walking Dead not 100 Percent with missing Arm.
  • Tablet is anxious about doctor inserting charger into rear end.

  • Therapist reassures turkey that it is normal to feel cold in the middle.
  • The decision-making part of a man's brain is damaged and he can't figure out how he feels about it.
  • A white wine sets the thermostat too cold for red wine.
  • Sun confesses in diary that no one wants to look directly at him.

You searched for: feel