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  • Excited cats discover all the boxes under the Christmas tree are empty.
  • Jason uses GPS for his favorite Locations.

  • Dogs shop at the Stinky Things store.
  • A dog reads a Buzzfeed article called the Top 25 Foulest Stenches of All Time.
  • There's a wait in a cat restaurant because all of them want to sit by the window.
  • Godzilla makes his son mac and cheese out of Mack trucks.
  • A dog buys her husband his favorite food, anything.
  • The most romantic dog valentine ever says "I love you second to food."
  • A woman's cat rubs up against a magic lamp and wishes for fish, mice, and birds.
  • Abner liked that he could swim laps alongside his toupee.
  • Cat confronts pet owner about using dog's name as computer password.

You searched for: favorite