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  • Mootrogena hand lotion makes your cows look forward to being milked.
  • Shrimp raised on a traditional farm get brought up by farmers.
  • Old Macdonald soundproofs his farm house to drown out animal noises.
  • Farmer plays Officeville on Facebook instead of Farmville game.
  • Turkey orders many pizzas for Thanksgiving in an attempt to save himself.
  • Farm wife is surprised book on livening up turkey includes playing ping pong.
  • Lettuce farmer separates the heads from the bodies of lettuce.
  • Old MacDonald's noisy farm animals and EIEIO: Everything incessantly expresses itself orally.
  • Farmer cow has evolved with doe eyes, whiskers, and a button nose, and says cows are not for eating.
  • Charlotte spells out bacon in her web as a hungry farmer eyes Wilbur the pig.
  • Strange cow on a dairy farm demystifies how "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" is made.
  • Cows have a fun night of people-propping, a practical joke cows play on sleeping people.

You searched for: farmer