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  • Goat kid trick or treating on Halloween is happy for empty candy wrappers treats.
  • HayDay PayDay candy package spoof with cow and horse fighting is for horses but better for cows.
  • Cat farmers planting bird feeder crops say the seeds are in, hoping for a good year.
  • Woman serves friend fresh picked veggie salad with croutons from a doughboy plant.
  • Grub uses GPS directions on his smartphone to find roots underground.
  • Farmer wants goats to eat his long grass.
  • Rooster needs help waking up in the morning so he shamefully buys an alarm clock.
  • Muscled turkeys need to submit to random drug testing.

  • Turkey regrets his dotted line neck tattoo when farmer approaches with ax.

  • A turkey takes out a life insurance policy.
  • A turkey hires a stunt double so he won't be killed on Thanksgiving.
  • Socrates' hemlock is organic.

You searched for: farm