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You searched for: fantasy
  • A lap dog dreams of yipping so annoyingly that he scares Godzilla away from the city.
  • The old lady who lives in a shoe daydreams that her shoe is a rollerskate.
  • Cinderella asks Prince Charming if he wants to go shopping to see how many other shoes fit her.
  • A cell wants his girlfriend to divide for his birthday.
  • A little girl putting clothes on her doll is dressing her cat with her eyes.
  • Cheshire Cat shows front side or back side depending on his mood.
  • Male tiger wants female tiger to wear sexy leopard print clothes.
  • Dog bring a leash to his wife, but she's not interested.
  • Alice recovers from a night of binge shrinking.
  • Secret agent tells unicorn that if anything goes wrong on the mission, they will deny he exists.
  • Cavewomen feel leering cavemen are shaving them with their eyes.
  • Man fantasizes roles at empty desk prior to Internet invention.

You searched for: fantasy