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  • Sabertooth tigers have an argument because they're bad kissers.
  • Vampires attack the Starship Enterprise and think Spock's blood is the green flavor.
  • A man gets bitten by a dog, but it's a vampire dog.

  • Bit Bat wafers parody Kit Kat wafers.
  • Dracula sucks on Humpty Dumpty and the Pillsbury Dough Boy for breakfast.
  • Vampire tells Red Cross that he's a universal blood recipient.
  • Oral V fangbrush parodies Oral B toothbrush.
  • Patient afraid as nurse takes blood with vampire-like syringe fangs.
  • Vampire admires the blood wine drink of another vampire, requesting something in the same vein.
  • A vampire orders Bloody Marys at a bar.
  • A snake has to inject its victims with a needle after he loses his teeth.

You searched for: fang