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  • Turtle is a Helicopter Mom for not abandoning eggs immediately.
  • Family stages intervention for cat because they know he is hiding catnip toys all over the house.
  • Santa mistakenly gets arrested for being a scary creepy clown.

  • The Helping Hand's brother is an unhelpful hand making an obscene gesture.
  • A dog thinks Thanksgiving is a day to act like him because his family is focusing on family and food.
  • A man's tombstone says he's one step closer to becoming a zombie.
  • Snoopy visits his newborn son in the hospital and his son is sleeping on a tiny doghouse.
  • Stick people have a bumper sticker of normal people on their car.
  • New parents receive their son as an adult because the stork outsourced its job to a sloth.
  • A man is alarmed to see that kangaroos might become his upstairs neighbors.
  • Family is concerned about father's excessive milk moustache, beard, and hair.

You searched for: families