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  • The Headless Horseman is locked out of his new smartphone’s facial recognition system
  • Boy gets an I on spelling test for cheating with the internet.
  • A man's New Year's resolution to only be in funny cartoons fails.
  • Larry the Cable Guy vs. Lawrence the Cable Gentleman.
  • Cat trashes room while attempting to catch a fly.
  • Cats fail at attempt to play dreidel.
  • Man wears a pair of escargot shorts.
  • With people readings their phones on the beach, aerial advertiser flys "I give up" sign.
  • Untangling Christmas lights takes too long.
  • Bottle opener therapist fails at getting can to open up during therapy session.
  • Mom edits alphabet soup for son by taking out all the Fs.

  • Saturn gives Mercury a lower grade than before.

You searched for: fail