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  • Smartphone is annoyed by other cellphone that can’t remember its name.
  • Playing cat pounces on restrained man’s face during laser eye surgery gone wrong.
  • Woman tells man that she was out of coffee filters that morning so she used a cartoon tiger face Snapchat filter mug instead.
  • Man head with glasses and mustache hairstyle isn’t what woman in salon had in mind when she asked hairdresser for a bob.
  • Dogs use Butt Time tablet webcam app to communicate while owners are talking online with FaceTime computer website.
  • Penguin in crowd wonders how cell phone’s facial recognition password got hacked.
  • Emojis get together at the Emoti-con convention.
  • Only one chipmunk saved room in one cheek for dessert.
  • Manga tries to develop third eye while meditating but there's no room on his face.
  • Emojis get botox treatments to remove all personality from their faces.
  • Mummy has a hard time choosing which emoji to use despite all looking the same.

  • Dogs exhibit tech behaviors with Facetime, instant messaging, streaming, and service providers.

You searched for: faces