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  • Mime paints in a variety of styles trying to find artistic voice.
  • Dora explores mom's pancreas as a fetus.
  • Explorers distracted by water buffalo overlook air buffalo above them.
  • Christopher Columbus' exploration voyage is portrayed with the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria.

  • Bugs explore the sink to find a path over the water to the China.
  • A Martian plays with his dog, named Rover.
  • Christopher Columbus' little-known 4th ship, the Pinto, has a gas explosion.
  • Columbus tries to travel around his mother's uterus.
  • Columbus isn't looking for much, just a hat.
  • Cootie, sitting on a bald man's head, radios to mission control, located on a full head of hair, about unhospitable environment, including a harsh glare.

You searched for: explorations