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  • Planet Earth playing video game earns an extra day to explain Leap Years.
  • Turtle caught hugging other turtle tells angry wife excuse he’s becoming a home inspector.
  • Hans Solo explains how the Millennium Falcon completed a mission in a fast time.
  • Woman mistakes cat scratches on headboard as tally marks for man's sexual partners.
  • Mom explains that potatohead son's misplaced body parts are because he dressed himself.

  • Man lands in hospital after mistaking poison for fancy microbrew.
  • A vampire goes on dating websites and refuses to date anyone with a thick skin.
  • People go on an audio tour of an art museum and cringe at the screams in front of The Scream.
  • The Easter Bunny forgets about Easter and claims he hid the eggs really well.
  • An orange gives birth to lemons and her husband is suspicious.

You searched for: explaining