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  • Cat asks what bird in its mouth is worth at bird in hand two in bush cats’ currency exchanging office.
  • Trick-o-treating godzilla monsters trade nerdy people for dummies.
  • Man covered in pet hair tells cat hopes it likes catnip toy Christmas gift as cat thinks I hope you like your sweater.
  • Mr. Potatohead wears his wife's eyes to get her perspective.

  • A witch returns nose of newt because she wanted eye of newt.
  • Husband buys all the spices available instead of the allspice wife requested.
  • After drinking at crazy New Year's Eve party, snowman thinks snowwoman has his torso.
  • Santa charges a re-stocking fee for filling up Christmas stocking.
  • Cat puts on Mother-In-Law collar to repel mother-in-law during visit.
  • Program allows people to exchange bare Christmas trees for full ones.
  • Field hockey is successful but not ice baseball.
  • Penny woman leaves penny man and takes another at the dish by the checkout.

You searched for: exchanges