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  • Fish dances like crazy with new legs while he's evolving.

  • A fish evolves, but discovers that land is really boring.
  • A fish comes to the shore and sees a walk sign.
  • A bird's distant relatives -- dinosaurs -- arrive for the holidays.
  • A fish evolves legs, but a shark bites them off.
  • Butt dialing evolves until the butt actually answers the call as well.
  • Farmer cow has evolved with doe eyes, whiskers, and a button nose, and says cows are not for eating.
  • Dinosaurs had trouble adapting to the Ice Age when they slipped on the ice.
  • A fish writes its new year's evolution wishes.
  • Animals in the rain forest evolved to have umbrellas over their heads.
  • A caveman thinks a meal tastes like the prehistoric ancestor of chicken
  • Condensed primordial soup has smaller prehistoric creatures in it than regular primordial soup.

You searched for: evolving