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  • Magazine compares fig leaf wearing of Eve and Fig Tree.

  • Adam and Eve have relationship trouble when Adam forgets Eve's birthday.
  • The snake in the garden of Eden can't convince his kids to eat an apple.
  • Adam and Eve get kicked out of the Garden of Eden, but now they have apples and can try Adam's apple strudel recipe.
  • Adam makes ribs for dinner and Eve is offended.
  • Santa is a suspect of a crime at a Jewish house.
  • Adam reminds God that he can use his 23 other ribs to create more women.
  • Santa is unimpressed with book Around the World in 80 Days.
  • Adam informs Eve salad she is eating is actually his dirty laundry.
  • A werewolf passes by a toy store window display and claims infringement on Transformers.
  • God smites Adam and Eve with mothers-in-law.

You searched for: eve