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  • Leg-Ow parodies the building toy Legos for small pieces that are painful to step on.
  • Cats' fur stands on end after being scared in the haunted house.

  • A cat buys her boyfriend a box, but then he plays in the box it came in instead.
  • A monster dresses up in a woman's clothes because he got bored hiding in her closet.
  • A clownfish turns another fish into a balloon animal.
  • A knight watches a jester for way too long.
  • A man plays a game of risk and tells his girlfriend he thinks her sister is hot.
  • A kangaroo asks his mom if he can go in a bouncy walk house.
  • A bullfrog uses his throat to make balloon animals for his kids.
  • It's not fun and games for zombie who loses eye at poker.
  • Escape routes for plane include slide, swings, and seesaws.
  • The Jungle Book's interpretation of the Blue man group.

You searched for: entertain