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  • Tick gets caught in avalanche of animal fur during shedding season.
  • Spa employee sticks whole cucumbers in client's eyes instead of slices.
  • As father is taken by ambulance, mother announces Thanksgiving turkey is undercooked.
  • Student gets an A in CPR class after reviving the test dummy.
  • A car mirror's vocabulary is limited to 'Ambulance'.
  • A spider rescue crew is needed at the waterspout.
  • Cal Ripken gets injured on his way to receive his 'No Injury' award.
  • A newspaper has a list of real super heroes.
  • Humpty Dumpty is brought to the Mayo Clinic after his fall.
  • A man chokes on a golf ball and spits it into the hole and his friends don't know how to score it.
  • Rocky drinks Humpty Dumpty before rescue workers come to fix him.
  • A tree falls and no one hears it.

You searched for: emt