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  • Cartoonist’s many emotional states are shown in emojis.
  • The Headless Horseman has lousy Emoji Options.
  • Emojis get botox treatments to remove all personality from their faces.
  • Mummy has a hard time choosing which emoji to use despite all looking the same.

  • Woman has redirected her inward anger by trapping man with knifes thrown at wall.

  • In romantic movie, donut tells donut hold he completes her.

  • Mug crying over breakup should have known the travel mug would leave.

  • Olympic sport of exchanging insults has competitor ridiculing uniform.

  • Proud parent watches all the different emoji smiley face babies in the nursery.

  • Therapist reassures turkey that it is normal to feel cold in the middle.
  • Emojis are created by a scientist in a lab.

You searched for: emotion