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  • Dachshund complains pizza slice dog wouldn’t understand being compared to a hot dog.
  • Cat cashier calls for price of mouse traps while embarrassed cat hides face.
  • Harold regrets scheduling his surgery on take-your-child-to-work-day.
  • Dog teases dog wearing cone that he can now be a sundial to tell time.
  • Man thinks he's embarrassing woman with birthday singing in restaurant, but it's really her birthday.
  • Gift reads about embarrassing celebrity gift wrap malfunctions.
  • Friends laugh at Frankenstein having to wear the cone of shame.

  • Balloon angers elevator companions when he deflates.

  • Wife is angry husband posted video of her dancing on YouTube.
  • Doctor has to break news to mom that her son was in a accident and is wearing dirty underwear.
  • Cat is asked to leave when he mistakenly thinks sand-colored carpeting is litter.
  • Various characters all show up to Halloween party dressed in same Minion costume.

You searched for: embarrassment