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  • Depressed cat feels like it’s missing out compared to cellphone’s social media status updates of cats napping.
  • Woman accidentally sends nasty response email to boss instead of deleting it.
  • Witch accidentally hits reply all while casting a spell in a duel and turns all of the other witches into frogs.
  • Child in talent show will hack her teacher’s email account before she can tackle her.
  • Man wants to email his doctor a scan of his butt to ask his opinion on a problem.
  • Shark got the fish attachments attached to him.
  • Cats exhibit tech behaviors of push notifications, inbox, outbox, and groupon.

  • Cupid, blue from cold, wants Valentine's Day in August.
  • The Scream is so upset because he accidentally sent a Reply All email.
  • Zorro's email signature is a sword that comes out of the computer.
  • Patient gets email from doctor using an illegible font.
  • Computer couple seek help for attachment issues.

You searched for: emails