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  • Santa plays a playlist of songs about himself in his workshop.
  • Narcissus looks at his reflection.
  • Humpback whale lives rock star life since his song was recorded by marine biologist.
  • God tags himself in everyone's photos on Facebook since he's everywhere.
  • Therapist explains to patient that the plastic comes off couch for important patients.
  • Snowman missing piece of coal is called a ladies' man for being unbuttoned.
  • Celebrities check their egos at door but coat checker decided to them on with monstrous results.
  • A grocery store has a lane with a mirror you can check yourself out in.
  • Grandma thinks that getting eaten by the Wolf was bad, until Red Riding Hood shows up.
  • Dashing man and horse go dashing through the snow.
  • An art show where all of the paintings are of one man.

You searched for: ego