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  • Man thinks smartphone text “big potato monkey bites my toes” is autocorrect typo but monster is outside window biting woman’s foot.
  • Woman tells man that she was out of coffee filters that morning so she used a cartoon tiger face Snapchat filter mug instead.
  • Mom edits alphabet soup for son by taking out all the Fs.

  • A boy gets a guppy for Christmas instead of a puppy because he texted his Christmas list to Santa.
  • A bank teller corrects a robber's note.
  • A young George Lucas edits films showing sister punched first.
  • Man mistakenly types "petty" instead of "pretty" to girl.
  • To avoid embarrassment, Alyssa wears a summer background to look photoshopped.
  • A fish gets his wife a birthday message made of other fish, but a carnivorous fish eats part of it and makes him look mean.
  • Writer's unedited tombstone is wordy.

You searched for: edits