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  • Red nose Rudolph’s pregnant reindeer mom craves eating beets veggies nonstop.
  • Colorful decorated Easter eggs crowd shocked by naked blank egg streaking outdoors public nudity surprise.
  • Slow sloth ninja suddenly colorfully decorated steals dyes from shocked lady dyeing Easter eggs.

  • Colored Easter egg in casket tells mixed-up mourner eggs at church funeral service he’s dyed not died.
  • Messy colored Easter egg on laptop attempts internet style instructions but white egg is unimpressed with results.
  • Egg at fashion show with multicolored Easter egg model says colors are the new white.
  • Disguised Easter egg pictured on wanted poster dyes different colors hiding identity to avoid arrest.
  • Colored egg author reads book about Easter Bunny kidnapping to scared white egg audience.
  • Easter rabbit confesses to cop egg coloring prank accident made Humpty Dumpty fall.
  • A leaf dyes herself to look young in the fall.
  • Grecian formula produces hair in shape of ancient warrior's helmet.
  • Tattoo artist takes client's tattoo request too literally.

You searched for: dyes