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  • Cells dividing at the dinner table require an additional table setting.

  • A man clones himself with a 3D printer.
  • A penguin confesses his love to the wrong penguin because they all look the same.
  • Scientist testifying in court denies cloning reality tv to lawyer and judge.
  • Anti-infringement software plays Muskrat Love when CDs are pirated.
  • Noah gets a consultant's help on the arc.
  • A butterfly has a knock off of the wing design of a Monarch butterfly.
  • Candles go to a wax museum, where the model candles impress them.
  • Mall stores now change color once you've visited them, like websites.
  • A key goes to a hardware store to get himself duplicated so he can sneak out to play poker with his friends.
  • Bill Gates tries to license his childhood drawing.
  • A man has been spending too much time working on his website, so he thinks it will be easy to wallpaper his house.

You searched for: duplicate