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  • Cartoonist on phone with technical support says he pressed undo but permanent Sharpie marker wont erase from drawing tablet screen.
  • Flow chart shows cartoonist’s creative process to brainstorm funny ideas before deadline.
  • Underwater castaways on deserted island flooded by rising sea levels shows direct effect of climate change on cartooning.
  • For Take Your Child To Work Day artist Mark Parisi shares portrait drawn by his daughter.
  • Caveman worries about other caveman's drawing of bull in a provocative position.
  • Caveman is bored of seeing another animal cave drawing.

  • The secret to being a cartoonist is censored and redacted by National Cartoonist Society.
  • Drawing cartoons got easier because phones, computers, and TVs can be replaced with smartphones.
  • A man's opthamologist tells him he has an eye for talent when his eye scan is full of famous cartoon characters.
  • Dogs draw a cat face on another dog's cone.

You searched for: drawings