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  • Humans are concerned as Dr. Seuss cartoons become invasive.
  • Hosts read Go Dog Go to signal to dog guest that it's time to leave.
  • Dr Seuss characters listen to songs that represent their personalities.

  • Dad cat wants daughter to convince cat-in-the-hat boyfriend to wear shirt and pants.
  • Characters and bands with who in name see who appears in Who's Who.
  • Alex Trebek's reading list consists of books with questions as titles.
  • The Betty Rubble Center helps cartoons rehabilitate.
  • Dr. Seuss' shortest book is Yellow and White Eggs with Pink Ham.
  • Oscar the Grouch has to go to trial because someone thought he was the Grinch.
  • When Seuss character attempts to eat green eggs, it hurts.
  • Easter Bunny's green eggs are stolen by Sam to have green eggs and ham.
  • Green Eggs and Ham is edited for references to color for schoolchildren.

You searched for: dr seuss