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  • Selfish, greedy people download without paying sound like pirates.

  • Nothing appears under the Christmas tree because all the gifts are digital downloads.
  • Moses wants god to text him the commandments instead of giving them to him on tablets.
  • A modern toilet comes with a digital book reader.
  • Fremont fails audition for "Angry Birds" because he is too happy.
  • Small dog downloads large dog barks to scare away a thief breaking in.
  • Pear wife angry when she catches apple husband downloading passion fruit picture online.
  • Computer couple seek help for attachment issues.
  • Man wonders who downloaded dirty snow images on his computer while snowman stands outside window.
  • A man gets pulled over and avoids a ticket by searching for and playing the officer's favorite song.
  • File sharing compilations include mislabeled, with random blip noises, and to the beat of a judge's gavel.
  • A teenager doesn't realize music has copyrights.

You searched for: downloading