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  • Begging for quarters to play Pac Man was the original political action committee fund.
  • Potatoheads at Thanksgiving eat the tops of their own heads.
  • The wicked witch melts after attempting the ice bucket challenge.
  • A woman reads The Giving Tree to her son and has nightmares about him harvesting her organs.
  • In a perfect world, during the walk to find a cure, the cure would be on the ground.
  • Cats donate their fur sheddings to hairless cats.
  • While performing Freebird, the singer decides to donate a turkey to the food bank.
  • Frosty the Snowman is in an accident and needs an infusion of ice water.
  • The Easter Bunny runs a clinic for egg donors.
  • This man is ridden with guilt for everything he does.

You searched for: donating