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  • Dog thinks owner collects dog's poop because she's a collector of poop varieties.
  • Dog's leg twitching in sleep really means that he's being chased by a big scary rabbit.
  • Dog owner is annoyed lazy dog uses GPS to locate stick in park.
  • A movie full of fireworks is a horror movie of loud noises for cats and dogs.
  • Johnny Appleseed's partner is his pooping dog Maggie Fertilizer.

  • Dog wears thunder shirt to calm storm anxiety while man wears election shirt to calm election anxiety.

  • Dogs exhibit tech behaviors with Facetime, instant messaging, streaming, and service providers.

  • Dog exhibits tech behaviors, like following, emptying trash, searching, and deleting spam.

  • Teeth admire the canines in the window as they walk past.

  • Dog wearing cone feels like lizard with frill is mocking him.
  • Homeowner puts poison signs on lawn to deter dogs from peeing and pooping on lawn.
  • In a dog's Twilight Zone, dogs don't have any butts.

You searched for: dog