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  • Batman is too distracted looking at his phone that he misses Bat Signal in sky.
  • With people readings their phones on the beach, aerial advertiser flys "I give up" sign.
  • People distractedly looking at their phones fall into holes kids dig on the beach.
  • Couples fight because Cupid decides to play video games instead of shoot arrows.
  • Once he has a phone, groundhog never notices his shadow again.
  • Abominable Snowflake was short-lived when windshield wiper destroyed it.
  • Culprit gets away from cop but he catches three Pokémon instead.

  • Aliens are able to abduct people because they think they are Pokémon.

  • Chicken crossed the road playing Pokémon Go.
  • The real reason flies bump into windows is that they are looking down at their phones.
  • Kids text at the Thanksgiving table, so their dad says he'll text Grace.
  • A skeleton woman is offended when a skeleton man doesn't look at her eye sockets.

You searched for: distracting