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  • Devil discovers that his misshapen pitchfork is not dishwasher safe.

  • Man has second thoughts about usefulness of personal laptop dishwasher.
  • Dishomat has machines for guys to wash dishes similar to a Laundromat.
  • Two spoons spooning in the dishwasher.
  • This man is ridden with guilt for everything he does.
  • Virtual Reality for all of the things you do at home.
  • A man is so meticulous about filing the dishwasher before using it that he could have handwashed everything for the same effort.
  • A dog wants to be the pre-rinse cycle for a woman's dirty dishes.
  • A fork hits on a spoon.
  • Types of technology get trained.
  • Dishes in a dishwasher want to know if they can borrow a rubber duckie.

You searched for: dishwasher