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  • Disguised snake in fake glasses, nose and mustache hides identity from angry Saint Patrick ranting at bar.
  • Big bad wolf updates grandma's profile picture.
  • Rooster needs help waking up in the morning so he shamefully buys an alarm clock.
  • Sea turtles are suspicious of shark dressed like turtle.
  • Gingerbread woman eats man she's cheating with to hide him from her suspicious husband.
  • Caterpillar's day job is to be Bert's unibrow.

  • Man thinks trick-or-treaters are Pokémon to find from Pokémon Go.
  • Snorkeler asks cuttlefish disguised as snorkeler where the cuttlefish are.
  • Soldier gives away his position inside Trojan horse.
  • A dog draws Dalmatian spots on himself to roleplay with his wife.
  • A kid dressed as Yoda uses the force to steal candy from other kids.

You searched for: disguise