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  • Alien parents need to discuss probing with teenager.
  • Cars find past year disappointing because they thought they'd be flying now.

  • Godzilla's therapist asks about his mothra.
  • A man has a dream every night that a stinky fish is crushing his chest, but actually his cat is sitting on his chest and breathing on his face.
  • A man lobbies a politician to finance more foyers.
  • A man listens at his closet to find out what his clothes say about him.
  • Two people are squashed after no one mentions the elephant in the room.
  • A screw has the se talk with his son.
  • Hyena needs to change laughing demeanor to receive sympathy from jury.
  • God wants to talk to angel shooting at his halo.
  • Two men stranded in the desert argue about whether a glass is half full of half empty, but it evaporates before they can decide.

You searched for: discussing