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  • Woman at cafe thinks barista asked if she’d like rum in her coffee but she meant room for cream and sugar.
  • Porcupine pops all the bubbles in bathtub.
  • A man's New Year's resolution to only be in funny cartoons fails.
  • Magician gives Trick to Trick or Treaters.
  • Teenager tells dad he's not brushing his teeth because he is seasoning them.
  • Snowman breaks up with snowwoman because their May-December relationship would cause them to melt.
  • Venus de Milo isn't impressed by David's Christmas present of legs.
  • Man thinks trick-or-treaters are Pokémon to find from Pokémon Go.
  • After unproductive day of brainstorming, coworkers head to bar to excessively drink to bladderstorm.

  • Realtor tells buyers they can hear the ocean at seashell house.
  • Dog aboard Noah's ark is disappointed all his pee markings are being washed away by rain.
  • Pirate is disappointed he's walking off the plank and will be two steps short of his FitBit goal.

You searched for: disappoint