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  • Ghost to take disappearing Lessons from Cat.
  • Charlie Brown only realizes he's put on weight when the zig zag on his shirt becomes a straight line.
  • Invisible when flashes click, Dracula better tag himself in photo to prove he's in it.

  • In a dog's Twilight Zone, dogs don't have any butts.
  • Dora explores mom's pancreas as a fetus.
  • Ghost-It notes that disappear parody Post-It notes.
  • Chameleon in police lineup camouflages himself to avoid being identified.
  • Asked by therapist if there's any magic left in relations, wife says husband disappears for days.
  • Home owner upset roofer disappeared as monster who ate him hides in tree.
  • Betty Rubble Center for recovering toons has Casper and a host of troubled toons.
  • A blowfish hides in a man's swim trunks.

You searched for: disappear