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  • A girl texts during dinner, so her dad texts her to stop.
  • Dog begs for food underneath table at restaurant while wife apologizes for his behavior.
  • Dog won't beg for his wife's casserole at dinner table.
  • Baby bird protests that mother is only regurgitating turnips.
  • Wile E. Coyote has friends over to dinner and they hear oven timer beep beep.
  • Mother bird switches to inch worms to prevent kids fighting about who got the bigger worm.
  • Princesses eat frog that lies about being a prince.
  • Woman brings spit detector when dining out to test for waiter's spit.
  • George Washington's mother puts cherries in all the food so he cuts down cherry tree.
  • A Pilgrim unbuckles his buckles after overeating at the Thanksgiving feast.
  • The Devil doesn't know what the etiquette is for which pitchfork to use on his victim.
  • A fish being eaten always wanted to see china.

You searched for: dinner table