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  • Caveman teacher makes Gruk share his wooly mammoth snack with class.
  • Ground pepper warehouse gets pepper from restaurants by never saying when.
  • Hot dog gets grill marks tattooed on.
  • Piranha kid complains to mom that sister got one more bite of human.
  • Waiter pours ants on top of anteater's food to season it.
  • Sal Monella's Deli is not having success at getting customers in the door.
  • After his face melts, Frosty reminds himself not to order sunnyside up eggs anymore.
  • Elves wonder who took the last slice of pizza.
  • Dog cries over bowl present being empty.
  • Dog is thankful cat cause owner to trip and drop Thankgiving dinner on the floor.
  • Stormtrooper complains that the other villains took all the dark meat.
  • Norman feeds himself in airplane mode after feeding baby.

You searched for: dining