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  • Fish is late to date in the same fishbowl because his GPS isn't working.
  • Only one chipmunk saved room in one cheek for dessert.
  • Man thinks he's embarrassing woman with birthday singing in restaurant, but it's really her birthday.
  • Soldier serves Darth Vader cake sliced so that he can fit it into his mask's mouth.
  • Man is disappointed by real hamburger after seeing beautiful, tasty hamburger on poster.
  • Dasher leaves restaurant early leaving reindeer to have to pay for the bill.
  • Cells dividing at the dinner table require an additional table setting.

  • Turkey wonders if he should be worried about Trevor's welfare seeing roast turkey profile pic.
  • Grim Reaper tells diner to say when as he's salting his food from hourglass.

  • Caveman teacher makes Gruk share his wooly mammoth snack with class.

  • Ground pepper warehouse gets pepper from restaurants by never saying when.
  • Hot dog gets grill marks tattooed on.

You searched for: dining