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  • Sad snowman reads newspaper obituaries of snowmen that melted on a beautiful sunny day.
  • Among rare animals, a rare sight is a Game of Thrones episode where no one dies.

  • Man has prank pulled on him as he enters heaven when angel wears devil mask.
  • Man wins lotto after dying so all his numbers are up.
  • Santa is knocked unconscious when reindeer sheds antlers while pulling sleigh.
  • Heart monitor display for etch-a-sketch inventor looks like etch-a-sketch drawing.
  • Police investigate death of Heimlich who is stuck in a bear's throat.
  • Electronic Game Marios line up to get into heaven after they die in Nintendo games.
  • Man thinks death has come for him, Grim Reaper just swats fly from man's shirt.
  • Funeral service names deceased as Roberto, his nickname Bobby, and screen name hotrobkinkmaster99.
  • The judge has to give instructions to put together a do it yourself jury.
  • Two fishes die because they fight and decided to take it outside the tank.

You searched for: dies