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  • A baby gets party training instead of potty training.
  • Mr. Potato Head takes off his nose so he can ignore his child's diaper.
  • New dad exclaims he has a paper jam with the baby wipes.
  • Technology we could use is a diaper where you insert a wipe to clean baby automatically.
  • Employee changing Mr. Monopoly is called a game changer while he's getting diaper changed.
  • Gods stage an intervention to get Cupid to stop wearing diapers.
  • Like beer label turns blue when cold, people turn blue from smelly baby's diaper.
  • Baby tells parent to keep the change after getting fresh diaper.
  • Car parents are excited that their baby car came with an automatic rear wiper.
  • Gallagher's parents change his baby diaper and wear rain ponchos for protection.
  • Baby SpongeBob didn't need diapers because he was so absorbent.
  • Mark takes the day off and his family comes up with the ideas for the cartoon.

You searched for: diapers