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  • Dehydrated snowman visits the doctor.
  • Turkey's broken wishbone is diagnosed during an exam.
  • Life saving surgery is performed on a pinata by adding Life Saver candy.
  • Snowman test to see if melting snowman has a fevor.

  • A lego figure tells his therapist that he has nightmares where his feet are stuck to the floor.
  • Pez dispenser visits chiropractor as contents are out of alignment.
  • Doctor diagnoses Tin Man's brain fluid and prescribes rain hat for Tin Man.
  • A man researches his symptoms online and concludes he has a sprained uterus.
  • Doctor tells Humpty Dumpty he knows what is causing his headaches, which is a beak is coming through his head.
  • A woman kicks her husband's butt and blames it on restless leg syndrome.
  • One doctor thinks a man has a rare scalp disease, but the other thinks it's a tree across the street.
  • A fish doctor's patient has worms, but the procedure to fix it is simple.

You searched for: diagnoses