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  • God reprimands Noah for building cubicles on ark, not cubits.

  • It is difficult to work from home when cats sleep on you and your desk.
  • A school eliminates recess and puts spin machines on their desks to compensate.
  • A cat sees the world as a series of beds.
  • A cat keeps ordering more pencils because he loses them under his desk.
  • With misspelling of complaint, Conplaints Desk gets complaints.
  • Devil's inbox overflows with sinners while outbox remains empty.
  • Mayfly is asked to visualize self in five minutes in terms of career.
  • Book idea on dogs using selective eating hits roadblock.
  • In a bad economy, prison inmate realizes it's a good thing to be let go.
  • Employees in cubicles resemble crate-trained dogs.
  • Boss with misplaced toupee hairpiece lectures on appearance.

You searched for: desk