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  • A lazy Lego husband buys his wife a bunch of Lego blocks and tells her she can decide for herself what she wants to make out of them.
  • People learning how to use a pinata hit each other by accident.

  • Picasso's parents worry about the way he plays with Mister Potatohead.
  • Trojan horse hatch is right under the tail and soldier wonders if location can change.

  • Woman working at a card factory has to make own retirement card.
  • Crossword designer speaks in crossword puzzle when meeting new woman.
  • Co-workers mistake cat licks for artistic swirls on cupcakes.
  • A girl designs a girl based on her own personality in a computer game and hates her.
  • This cartoon couple lives with copyright logos as part of their d'cor.
  • Asks several women who designed the clothes they are wearing.
  • An architecture firm uses an etch-a-sketch to design stairs.
  • A politician is genetically engineered to shake hands and kiss babies more efficiently.

You searched for: designing