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  • Therapist tells Donald Duck that ninety-nice percent of population doesn't understand him.
  • A Christmas tree goes to therapy because it was disappointed that the gifts under it weren't for it.
  • Besides the disco ball, there are other balls like the punk ball and the country ball.
  • Van Gogh's friend said she really liked the chew toy he gave her dog, but the toy was his ear.
  • A bouncer refuses to let Eeyore, Charlie Brown, and Droopy into Happy Hour.
  • A snake is sad because she was going to eat eggs but the nest was empty.
  • Two Christmas trees both got dumped on New Year's.
  • Columbus has depression.
  • Sun confesses in diary that no one wants to look directly at him.
  • Only those talking about the economy are thriving in this economy.
  • Apple's new iPod made for menopausal women, the menoPod mixes songs like mood swings.

You searched for: depression