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You searched for: department store

  • Dog fetches tennis ball to woman in store’s returns window.
  • Woman checks smartphone app to see how much man spent on her Christmas gifts.
  • Cat cashier asks if cat wants paper bag but it’s already inside it.
  • French fries change their appearance with flat or curling irons.
  • Rooster needs help waking up in the morning so he shamefully buys an alarm clock.
  • Dogs shop at the Stinky Things store.
  • When Dad asks if daughter is doing math homework she says she is, by adding purchase to her online shopping cart.
  • The practical dog owner choose prechewed shoes over new shoes.

  • Right-handed store opens up next to left-handed store.
  • Cat chooses from various flavors of catnip.

  • Teeth admire the canines in the window as they walk past.

  • Pirate with hook for hand is excited to get another hand at second hand store.

You searched for: department store